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Michael T. Gray, mET
  Computer Technician, Web Master      Thank you for visiting. I hope you benefit from the information you find on our various web sites. I'm proud to say that many of my customers recommend me to their entire families. Speaking of families, check out my family on the Grandpa Page.

     I've been fixing and designing electronic gadgets since the early 1970's. I played with crystal radio sets. Designed and constructed my own circuits, including printed circuit boards. Back then, component level meant soldering irons, tubes, relays and transistors. My first hard drive (5mb or 0.005gb) weighed in at a hefty 250 pounds. I've programmed in at least a dozen different programming languages. My first programming experience involved a soldering iron and diodes.

    In March of 2018, I was given the privilege of providing the Trade School Graduation, Commencement Speech for Centennial Job Corps in Nampa Idaho.

Phone Petition

     Back in 1995, I became frustrated with the local calling area. Towns a mere 17 miles away were long distance and cost more to call than Europe ($.35/min). I started and managed a Phone Petition. After gathering 15,000 signatures, it actually helped change the laws. Our area became one of the largest local calling areas in the United States.

Nampa Optimist Club

     The Nampa Optimist club has been a lot of fun. I helped start the club in 1996 and was the Charter Vice President. I was President in 1999-2000. Can you imagine, a computer guy taking on the job of Optimist club President during the Y2K crisis. Now that's optimism!

     During my year as Nampa Optimist President, we started the Nampa Optimist Football program. Our first year, we had 247 kids on 11 teams.

     Over the years, this program has won local and even a couple of International awards. We also built a 25-acre Nampa Optimist Park.


     I've been a member of SGI (Soka Gakkai, Buddhist) since 1974. SGI has always been a source of inspiration to me. Discovering the intricacies of life depends on effort. A close examination of cause and effect promotes that effort, then many new discoveries.

"A great revolution in just a single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of a society, and further, will enable a change in the destiny of humankind."

Community Projects

     Involvement in my community has been a real eye opener. Only about 10-15% of most communities get involved. You quickly find out how opposition compromises the final outcome. This is really what politics is all about.

     Just think if 80% got involved. Don't you think things might go differently if more voices were heard? I've seen a single voice change the entire direction of a project, so I'm sure of it!

What do they do to you if you don't vote?
Anything they want!!

Michael Gray, Betty Schaefer, Allison McCormick, Mac McCormick


     I've always liked playing sports, especially running. As the Race Director in the Great Pumpkin Race for 6 years, I like to think I've shared running with a few thousand other people as well. I've been in the Senior Olympics every year I've been old enough to.

Y2k... Crisis, what crisis

     Technicians recognized the Y2K problem back in the 1980's. We couldn't seem to get anybody to care while we had lots of time to fix it. It was so much more fun to wait until the last minute and treat it as a horrifying crisis instead.

     I kept assuring people we would live, we just needed to fix a few programs that were date dependent is all. I was quite relieved when I was proven right on Jan 1, 2000.

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